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PET Flakes:
Kafiber has comprehensive and ecological technology for the continuous sorting of post consumer PET bottles into flakes.

The post consumer bottles are washed sorted and flaked. The washing is repeatedly done in different steps and serves the purpose of cleaning the surface from impurities to wash off labels and glues. The size reduction from the post-consumer bottle to the flakes is done in cutter section. The sorting process separates other plastics, polymers and foreign materials from PET flakes and sorts different colour flakes in order to furnish the market.

Kafiber 100% Clear, Washed, Post consumer with PVC content below 200ppm.

Plastic PET containers are picked up at curbside and community recycling centers, and then sorted by type and color.

They are stripped of their labels and caps, washed, and crushed, then chopped into flake.

These tiny pieces are melted and extruded to create fiber. The fiber produced is crimped, cut, drawn and stretched into desired length for strength, then baled.

The baled fiber can be processed into fabric for a variety of textile product end uses.

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