End Uses


Kafiber, KA™ brand specialty fibers for applications across the full spectrum of textiles and nonwoven industry. While many of our products are designed and produced to meet specific
needs for individual partners, others are available as "standard" items.
Below is a general listing of fiber items available. As always, we are
eager to discuss variants of the items shown or other, new fiber
products engineered to meet your unique needs.


Today the automotive industry is constantly providing ever higher
levels of performance, matched by ever higher environmental standards.
Over the years Kafiber has provided fibers for use in making products for
car interior trim, acoustic absorption and floor and boot linings – fibers that process
well and provide outstanding functionality and durability. Kafiber Black, specifically for the automotive and technical textiles sector is chosen for colour fastness and strength and is chosen specifically for use in deep moulding applications.

Floor Coverings

We are proud of our involvement with the floor coverings sector. For many years, Kafiber has been extensively used in both household carpets and vehicle mats.
Kafiber fibers are hard wearing, and efficient to process, whilst adding that luxurious feeling that other synthetic fiber cannot match.

High Loft Products

Kafiber fiber is used in the production of nonwovens, mainly as supports
for bituminous roofing membranes. Providing dimensional stability and
stiffness required by roofing industry.

Filtration Media

Polyester (PET) has a high temperature rating and is widely used in
commercial, industrial or residential air filtration applications.
Kafiber’s brand fiber can be used for air filtration offering
high air permeability, high strength and efficiency features.

Industrial Applications

Nonwovens are widely used in geotextile and other industrial applications. Kafiber fibers are used in the production of Geotextiles products for soil reinforcement agent and as a filter media.

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