Kafiber is producer of high quality polyester and polypropylene staple fibers. It has been a pioneering user of recycled raw materials since the plant was founded in the early 1990s

At its foundation the fiber plant had the capacity to produce 5,000 tons of
fiber each year. Since then the plant has been expanded to meet
significant growth in the international markets for polyester
and polypropylene fiber in textile and non-woven applications
and today has an annual capacity of more than 15,000 tons.

Kafiber has used recycled post-consumer PET drinks
bottles as a part of its raw material supply since the mid-1990s and
has carried out its own recycling of post-consumer bottles at the plant

We kafiber as a trading company during five recent years ago have implemented a range of new activity. We have continued our export in the field of transitional color polyester fiber; polyester partially Oriented Yarn wastes commonly known as POY wastes.
Kafiber daily broadens his activities.

We are confident that our development of new fiber products to meet new
market needs, coupled with strong customer partnerships based on mutual respect, and the growing desire of our global customers for materials made from recycled sources, provide strong foundations for continuing commercial success.

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